Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Likeable Links v. 2.0

I've got a couple of really neat links to share today! A thought provoking one, a really whacky one, and a really sweet mushy gushy one!

1. The Thought Provoking One:
First World Problems Read by Third World People

Guys. Is my heart the only one that broke into a thousand pieces just a little bit? I found this article & video when someone posted it on facebook and I just find it SO so powerful. I will completely admit - I myself have used the "Firstworldproblems" hashtag once or twice, and it is an ironic hashtag to begin with, but I will think twice about using it again after this. I mean if it is such a 'first world non-problem' is it really worth my time to compose a witty 140 character tweet about it? Probably not.

2. The Really Whacky One:

Not that I condone drug use in any way, but this is the coolest series. It's actually frightening to see the effect of some of the drugs on this man's perspective of things and makes me scared shitless of said drugs. Not that I wasn't afraid of 'bathsalts' after hearing the cannibalism stories or anything, but to see it visualized is really something else. I'm not how I feel in terms of the artist's integrity or if I think it's respectable of him to do such a series, but I think it's a really neat series regardless - and often pretty funny! I guess he gets props for being dedicated to his art. And his drugs... hahaha

3. The  Really Sweet Mushy Gushy One:

My heart melted and even though I had a huge urge to turn on an obnoxious chick flick snuggle up with a blanket and a lonely-girl chocolate bar (or two, or three) and bawl my eyes out, this is the cutest article ever and I couldn't help but feel like a pile of sappy romantic goo afterwards. Some beautiful wedding photography too!

In my thanksgiving post, I forgot to say that I am very thankful for this blog and all of you lovely readers and the opportunities it has brought me. I have made so many great blogging buddies for whom I am very thankful and plenty of amazing readers (oh hey, that's you!) who are all super uplifting and supportive in your comments. Yes, I am aware of this statement being a total blogger cliché. No, I'm not going to refrain from saying it because it's true!

Hope you all had lovely weekends filled with Turkey and potatoes and family. And if you're not a Canadian reader I hope your weekend was still filled with awesome food and awesome people regardless, ha!



  1. Great links! The groom's reaction one is so sweet :') the drug portraits are very freaky but also really interesting! Seems like something my friend would like but im afraid he'd get bad ideas from it :P

  2. I can't watch the first world problems clip because youtube took it down :(
    I love that art project, it's a really clever/stupid idea haha. Didn't he end up slightly brain damaged after it all?xx

  3. This is so cute! I love your "thankful" paragraph. Always important to remember the things we are thankful for...something I DEFINITELY need to work on. Thanks for the reminder :)

  4. i also love that drug/art series. definitely an eye-opener and a little bit horrifying.