Friday, October 5, 2012

"The Body Images"

Do you guys know Jes, the blogger behind The Militant Baker? No? Well you should. She's an incredible person and I've had a total girl-blog-crush on her ever since I started reading her blog a bit ago!

Jes, who is a strong advocate for being one's self and loving one's self, is doing a series of photography pieces based on Body Images. The title is quite literal, as well as meaningful, as there are photos of women - all shapes and sizes (And I mean all, for ONCE and for REAL, there's no discrimination up in here) posing for the camera. They are astoundingly beautiful - the women and the photos. Every time a new one shows up on facebook I fall a little more in love with the series, and my guy friends keep asking me why I've been liking so many naked-people-pictures lately. And then I tell them the story behind it, which brings them to say 'Oh that's actually really cool!' And then I fall in love with all my guy friends a little more, because they rock too. But that's another story.

Here are some of my favourite shots:

I so wish that as a society, we idolized women like these and admired photos like these. That's not to say some of us don't, but as a whole it seems we're still stuck on the photos mainstream media throws at us of overly made-up, modified, photoshopped girls. This whole series really gets me thinking about our perception of beauty, our bodies and how we treat them. Our bodies deserve our respect and care - after all, they're all we really have to get us through life. Might as well help it bring us through it by treating it well, right?

Ya. I'm actually obsessed with this series.  Check out the rest of them HERE!
And check out Jes's blog too!

You won't regret it :)



  1. I love this. Thanks so much for posting about it! The pictures are beautiful and so are the women in them.

  2. This is actually incredibly wonderful. I love how these are all done so tastefully as well. This whole concept is so needed. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Katia, this is Ben, thanks for guest-posting for us!

    These pictures are interesting and remind me of college. Being a film student, some of my friends would shoot/pose for photos like this, in fact it became a sort of tradition that our film festival posters would contain oblique nude photos of classmates, haha. The shapes on these are interesting, though, you don't even see what they are at first with some of them.

    I was going to post this on our blog about your post, but then realized you might not see it. I could definitely relate to having a stifling job... I had a few of them in university and just afterward. In particular the worst was when I worked cement construction. The days were 10 hours long and I had to get up really early to get to the construction sites. I'm not really a "construction type" anyway, and something between the early mornings, long hard days, incompatible co-workers, pink cement-panel grease and general monotony of that job drove me into the ground and made me feel like death. At one point I told my friends that I would rather eat a bowl of poop than go to work the next morning, or at least I'd eat a bowl of poop if it could magically prevent me from having to go. At least it payed OK and only lasted a summer. Somehow I made it. Anyway, hope your fall/winter/spring are better! And both Katie and I think your necklaces are great! -Ben

  4. Beautiful photos! I wish all the photos we saw were as unphotoshopped as this! I grew up on photoshopped pictures not even knowing they were altered, it's screwed up.
    The right lighting and angles can flatter a shape, just like she's done here.
    I'm going to stalk her blog now!

  5. I wish we did too. Do you ever notice how models, especially for underwear ads, never have any birthmarks. Sometimes belly buttons are even photoshopped out!

    This series definitely makes me happy to see people are doing their best to shift our focus to what's good and what's real again. Will check out the rest!

  6. thank you so much for sharing these. body image is very close to my heart and something i deal with daily, so seeing pictures like these is great :)
    xo, cheyenne

  7. Thank you. Thank you for the kind words. Its things like this post that keep me going.