Thursday, November 29, 2012

19 before 20

Because it's just tradition to write out my 19 before 20 birthday-to-do-list and share it here on the blog!

1. Illustrate a picture book : my friend and I have been meaning to get together and collab on one!
2. Take up a form of exercise : I'm thinking Yogalates / Yoga / Pilates
3. Film & Edit my own short film : much more likely to happen this year!
4. Get my G2 license : so I can actually drive...
5. Illustrate 'usernames' series : I've collected a list of peoples' old usernames and am going to illustrate characters based off them! I've already sketched a few!
6. Travel : This is already in the works of being plannes ;)
7. Do a second craft show : most likely during the summer, school gets so busy!
8. Go Dancing : because I'm 19 now, so I can ;)
9. Read at least 6 books : this seems unambitious, but knowing me and the speed at which I read, it's a good goal.
10. Make photobooks for each season : Like scrapbooks!
11. Make some connections in the art world : straightforward
12. Donate blood : I've been meaning to do this since I was 17. Lame.
13. See a sunrise : not just on my early commute to school either. I want to stay up all night and see one!
14. Go Skinny dipping : because why the heck not. Do it while I'm young!
15. Live in the moment, do what I want : because life is short.
16. Do something I've never done before : adventures and experience are so important.
17. Go Camping : I didn't get to go this year, and this made me sad.
18. Get a proper bra fitting : apparently it changes one's entire boob-experience to be fitted properly!
19. Write more often : I love writing. I don't know why I don't write more. 

So that's that (if you decided to read all my totally un-necessary mini explanations). I think they're pretty manageable and are a good way to get me motivated to live my LIFE this year! I'm getting sick of getting stuck in the humdrum of day-to-day routine, as inevitable as it is to get INTO routines with work and school, that doesn't mean I can't break it up and make it interesting for myself at other times. And so that's the plan! I'm hoping to blog some of my process this time too.

Guess whose rut/slump/poopy-mood is back.
Yeah that's me.
It's 'cause I'm sick again, in a weird way. I have no appetite and any food I make myself eat sits funny in my stomach and I just feel awful and bloaty after, for hours. It's awful 'cause its just uneasiness. Yuck, I must have picked up a bug of some kind, even though I did get my flu shot this season.
classes are done for the semester - WOOHOO! I have 2 exams, and a new job that I work only on weekends for, and otherwise it's the Christmas break! Lots of exciting things coming up. I'll blog more about these later.

Hope you're all well - sorry for the text-heavy post!

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  1. This is such an awesome idea! I'm totally going to do one for my next birthday now :) Good luck and have fun doing all of this!

  2. Great list you have here! I love the illustrate a picture book and camping one! I think I need to make a little like this soon.
    Almost Endearing

  3. great list! I really need to get a start on my 19 before 20 list D: I've wanted to illustrate a book for my 7 year old sister for the past two years and at the rate I'm going she'll be my age before I've even started :P hope you feel better soon! :)

  4. My favorite is the bra fitting! Haha. I totally understand though. I've heard so many good things about it so I need to put that on my list too.

  5. Awww, you are making me miss being in my early twenties. I hope you get to do everything on your list!!! xoxo

  6. Those are all amazing goals! I too would like to donate blood. It has to be like a year or something since you've gotten tattooed though which is always my problem as I've tried a few times haha. I've never been properly fitted for a bra, maybe I better :) lol

  7. You are so inspirational! I think I'm going to make one of these for things to do before I go to college :) For your travel one, think about coming to Baltimore! I could show you around here, Annapolis, and DC!

  8. these are good ones. i look forward to seeing what some of these produce. for instance the "username" series. sounds intriguing. i hope you feel better. i've had a sinus infection the past week which just really takes me out of the game. beh. but all power to you to get these done!