Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm Alive, Refreshed, and turning 19!

Hi! Proof that I am indeed, alive and well!

I've been in a big ol' slump and it's been pissing me off horribly. I hate slumps. I hate feeling like I'll never get out of slumps even though the logical half of my brain is like "Yo, you're fine, go have some chocolate and some coffee and spend time with your friends and you'll feel better!" But then the other half of me is like "NOO. LAY IN BED IN YOUR PJ'S ALL DAY AND PLAY TETRIS BATTLE AND BE A SORE LOSER AND CLOSE THE APPLICATION EVERY TIME YOU LOSE."

Ahem. Yeah. That's been me for the past week or so.
I had a fabulous weekend though. I went to an amazing concert with one of my very best friends (That I posted about), and then the next day I spent time with my family, then saw some family friends for dinner (they just had a baby - he's so adorable!), and one of my other best friend's SISTER had a baby and I am so happy for their family, so that was exciting to!

Then I went to a party with lots of good friends and saw lots of old friends and made lots of new ones, and I danced! I just danced and had so much fun, I've mentioned before that I'm not much of a partier normally, but man do I ever love dancing. The next day, I went to my parents' for an early-birthday celebration! We had my dinner of choice - home made pizza (always my dinner of choice), sangria, cake, and presents, and just good times. Which brings me to the next point in this random post - my birthday! It's tomorrow! So I think it's time to go over my 18 before 19 list... even though I did embarrassingly badly. Red is for womp womp womp, failures.

o1. Write and illustrate picture book - lol no. work in progress though!
o2. Take up a form of excercise (yoga? swimming? rock climbing?) - I have a dvd for yoga....

o3. Move to Downtown Toronto!! - Not quite downtown, but I moved out!

o4. Have an overall-wearing day with my best friend (long story)
o5. Mandatory trip to Montreal 
o6. Train for a 5K charity run

o7. Get my sunshine tattoo - did this within a week or two of being 18 hehe!

o8. Film & edit my own short film - work in progress!
o9. Get my G2 license
1o. Learn how to skateboard
11. Complete "Window Monsters" illustrated series - came up with a new idea

12. Surprise project to be revealed soon! - This was Solé! 
13. Musical project - My friend Anna and I filmed a cover of 'Pumped Up Kicks" almost a year ago, round two soon!
(Of course I can never be 100% serious....)

14. Declutter my room, my closet, my LIFE!! - did this a little when I moved! 
15. Paint more; 12 finished pieces  Definitely did this. Here's 11, but there's definitely at least double this from the past year!

16. Cook a meal once a week - well, I do that NOW!
17. Start a collection of prismacolour markers - Yes! I have about 15!

18. Keep a Drawing Diary. - I have about a week's worth of entries.. ha....

I guess I didn't do tooooo badly! I'm super excited to make a new list tomorrow on my birthday - as is tradition, and I might carry some of these ones that I didn't succeed with onto this next list. Any ideas for what to put on my 19 before 20 list? Do you do birthday lists?



  1. Can't believe you're just turning 19, girl! For some reason I thought you already were. Hope you have a great birthday week! xox

  2. I would count this year a success. You are a talented artist, blogger, and businesswoman :) Happy early birthday!

  3. Happy pre-Birthday girl!!

    Also, you play guitar? SODOI. Are we twins or something?!


  4. happy birthday girl :) i hope all your wishes come true!

  5. Happy Almost Day You Were Birthed!
    I hate slumps too. There's nothing worse than when you feel like you're in a slump.(well there probably is, like death, but let's not go there).
    I had a good chuckle about the tetris thing.

  6. I seriously adore your paintings! AND I didn't even realise you were so old, oops, in a nice way this is!

  7. Your paintings are wonderful! I like the point of having a drawing diary. I used to have one, but so much to do right now! Maybe after finishing studies!

  8. LOVE the 18 before 19. Maybe I should have made a 22 before 23. YIKES I am old X___X hahah kidding! Anyway, embrace the slumps! embrace the lazy days I say! Just don't get toooo stuck in it :)

    Well happy early birthday dearest blog friend!
    Ps: I am going to email you soon with the interview questions once I stop sucking at answering emails :P

    - Melissa, The 25th Hour Blog

  9. happy belated birthday! you managed your list quite nicely :)
    i love the paintings you made!
    xo, cheyenne

  10. i think you should be proud! what you did do is awesome. and i'm sorry i missed your birthday. what a dope. anyway happy belated birthday! i hope you're enjoying your new age.