Saturday, November 17, 2012

Of Monsters & Men Concert

Last night I had the lucky opportunity to go to the Of Monsters and Men concert here in Toronto! OH my god - they were amazing. Like, mind blowingly so! I've never lost myself in music as much as I did during their show. They're all so cute and stylish too, just love them so much! Eee! And that's not the most exciting part, I'll let my photos explain:

Them performing Dirty Paws!

My Kami! She's the one that bought me the tickets for my birthday, love her so dearly!

I ALSO GOT TO MEET CARLY and ERYN! Carly and I have been blog buddies for a long time so it was SO cool to meet each other - they were both such lovely and stylish ladies. I wish our run-in hadn't been so brief, but it was still so nice to meet you both!! Even though we got the exit signs we were standing by confused, hehe! 

So here's the crazy part, my friends and I decided to sit down a while to wait for the crowd to dissipate through coat check. As we were about to leave we saw that there was a mini-crowd around the stage, so we went to investigate and lo and behold, SOME OF THE BAND MEMBERS WERE OUT! They signed things and took pictures and chatted and they were so great and it just made the night THAT much more memorable! I am still a little bit in shock.
She was so so so so lovely. And her voice is magic.

The super sarcastic hilarious drummer.

And the adorable guitarist(?) who referred to his suit as 'salmon pink' which was so adorable.

Ugh. What a stylish wonderful bunch. They were so pleasant and chatty and so kind. So essentially I had the best night ever and I am so glad I go to meet my favourite band, and that I got to spend it with some amazing people, and that I got to meet Carly and Eryn! All in all a flawless night! Even walking from Kool Haus to Union Station was a great adventure. We got scared by a swarm of noisy birds, someone shouted "BEATLE JUICE, BEAAAATLE JUICE" at me because of my pants, and we just laughed about it all! So Thank you Kami for buying me tickets for such a lovely night <3

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  1. The Beatle Juice thing is the highest of compliments! haha.
    That's cool that you got to meet the band. When I met one of my favorite artists (Meiko) last year in New Orleans, I blanked out. I just said "I don't know what to say". After a few minutes we talked and laughed. I remember we talked about balls. (yeah, testicles). Anyways, apparently I'd be a crappy paparazzi because I just freeze up.

  2. Well this looks like TONS of fun!!!! I haven't been to a concert in a while...

  3. Hahaha fuck I look posessed. That flash was intense!! LOL

    Also, amazing concert! So good to meet you, even though too brief and that is AMAZING that you met jealous!

  4. i have to admit i've never listened. i should give them a try. although december leaves no time for anyone but vince guaraldi.