Sunday, November 11, 2012

Solé Show + New Items Up + a Sale!

Hey everyone! I'm exhausted today from all the time/work put into my show yesterday! I also babysat 5 kids and two crazy dogs last night after the show, so I'm poooooped! It was all very great though.

I'm a silly goose and forgot to get a picture of myself with my display - my Step Mom may have taken one, but I'll have to see!

The show was a lot of fun - I met so many great people who were also vending at the show, and I learned a whole lot about doing shows! It's really an art in and of itself, and is so much work, but so freakin' worth it I think. I don't know if I'll be doing any shows until summer simply because I need to focus on school, but who knows!

I might do a post introducing you guys to some of the artisans I met at the show, there was some really really cool stuff!

ALSO - I have finally put rings up in the shop!

And last but not least......

All prices have been reduced on my etsy! It's time to celebrate and pick out some lovely gifts for loved ones. I'm trying to do most of my christmas shopping with local/handmade artists - it may be a bit tougher to do so but I hope people will appreciate the sentiment of handmade things. If they don't I'll MAKE 'EM APPRECIATE IT ;) Baha. Kidding. Sort of. I guess after seeing how much work goes into shows and into handmade businesses I just really want to support others who do so as full time jobs to support themselves and their families.

Ok. This super convoluted post is over. And just to throw one more item into the sporadic post - I might very well be having a Solé giveaway soon..... stay tuned!



  1. I love everything! Congrats on it and happy resting :)
    I will definitely be looking for these as christmas gifts!

    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  2. Glad to hear that your first show went so well! It's awesome that you just recently started this endeavour and you're already doing shows, good for you! The rings are amazzzzzing. You know how much I love rings!

    You're going to have to let me know your cell number so we can be sure to meet up!

  3. Congratulations on the success of your first show - you have such a beautiful inventory! I really want to buy one of your rings for a friend of mine, so I think I'll also be giving homemade/artisan gifts this holiday season.

  4. of course your table was awesome! i'm glad the show went well and am sorry you're exhausted. people don't realize how much work goes into those things! i'm coveting everyting in this post. such great stuff.

  5. Whoo hoo, congrats on a successful show! I didn't even realize you created such gorgeous pieces of jewelry :) xo Marisa

  6. Congrats on your first show! It is so inspiring to hear artists getting out there and sharing their work :) I just LOVE yours. I need to get me an original Sole piece soon. If only I can decide on which to get! Can you customize ring sizes?

    - Melissa, The 25th Hour Blog