Friday, November 2, 2012

Some Solé & Life Updates

Wow! I got some great feedback on my last post about art-school an artist pressures! It's neat to see how many art-minded folks I have reading my blog and whose blogs I also read. Thanks for all of your your great answers and insights, it was awesome to read what you had to say!!

Lately has been a really, strangely busy time. I feel like I haven't done much that I can show you guys or discuss with you guys - EXCEPT of course preparing for my Solé show next weekend - it's so exciting guys! I organized myself a bit better this morning and feel a lot more excitement as opposed to stress about being prepared for it - of course I have a lot to do and it's going to take a lot of work this week to get myself to the level of prepared-ness I want to be at, but it's going well so far! (Knock on wood!) Here are some instagram photos I posted of my progress!

Added little trinket boxes and rings to the mix, none will be on sale in the online shop yet, focusing on making things for the sale first - would you guys be interested in buying any if I did put them on etsy?

Sending out my first couple of packages!

More designs in progress.

And this weekend's work station. I'm house sitting at my parents' for the weekend and using it as an opportunity to use my dad's tools to make the necklaces!
For those of you who live in Canada/Ontario/close to Burlington - that's where my show is going to be next weekend on Saturday November 10th. It's a big Christmas Bazaar and though I've never been - my step mom says it's a great set of vendors and has good food! 

In other news, I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year - is anyone else? It was a last minute decision (I'm talking like, 3 hours before the first of November, haha!) but I'm so glad I chose to do it because I like the direction of my story so far!

It's also my birthday month - YAY! On the 21st I'm turning 19 , which is the legal drinking age in Canada... hehe. Now I'm not much of a party girl, I'm not at all actually. I much prefer hanging out with a few friends and watching movies or playing video games, but it's going to be nice to be able to go out for dinner and have a beer or a glass of wine! So I am really excited for that. And birthdays generally excite me - my sister's birthday is two days after mine, and my cousins have November birthdays too, AND a couple of really good friends too! It's a great month. Busy but great!

What are you looking forward to this November?



  1. Good luck at the show, Katia! It's gonna be great! Love all the necklaces (especially mine!!) and the wooden boxes - super cute! <3
    PS: there's a giveaway on our blog this week, I thought you might be interested.

  2. Oh wow, those boxes are awesome! And from the looks of it every last one of the necklaces are, too (duh)! Best of luck at the show. It's so exciting getting packaging ready and seeing others' responses to your stuff. And woohoo birthday month!

  3. I love your designs and the keepsake boxes! Good luck at the sale! :)

  4. Goodluck! These are amazing, what a talent!

  5. I love seeing your work in progress on facebook and instagram! Your jewellery is looking great :)

  6. ooooh <3 thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment <3 I'm so happy that you also wore the same dress <3 You are so amazing and beautiful. And you are an artists so this is a very big compliment for me that I have the same dress as you <3 I'm following you <3

  7. UM, as soon as you said Ryan Gosling I bought the album. I mean whattt? :)

  8. Aww the boxes are so cute!