Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lately in Instagrams

For my birthday, my parents got me an Iphone 4 - which has been amazing. I downloaded the Afterglow app and am now, more so than before, obsessed with photo taking and instagram. In fact, the   effects and light leak options provided have really inspired me to take up film photography again! (That and the fact that my step dad got me a whoooooole set of film for my birthday. Awesome.)
Anyway. Lately has been a mix of good and bad, but not that bad. Just 'I'm tired and in a rut' bad. This seems to be a recurring theme in my last few months, the 'being in a rut'. But the semester's over and the holidays are here. I've got a new job and a new sort of perspective on how I want to be. Which I will write a post about soon soon soon. For now, photos!

I brought my pet rat Macy to my apartment - we love her. She's so sweet, and such a character! It's great to have that little companionship but not have the responsibility of a dog or a cat - which I simply can't take on at this point. So Macy's just my favourite. My room mate loves her too, which is so great!

Started my advent calendar! The chocolate designs are a bit indecipherable, but that doesn't mean I don't try! Melty candy-canes anyone?

Did a photoshoot for my friend Tania's final assignment. I'm so not used to so much makeup (in fact, my face has had a reaction to either the makeup or what I used to remove it, yuck.) and thought I looked rawkin'. So I documented it by means of a selfie, duh.

Reading - ahhhhh. Reading. I missed reading. I started the new J.K. Rowling book because I was super curious to see how she tried to transform herself into an adult fiction writer. I think the key term is that she tried - and it shows. There's a lot of blatant sexual content and it feels... out of place? I don't mind it really, but it did strike me as a bit overdone. It's an EXCELLENT story so far though.

And perhaps the most exciting news of all - MY COUSIN ALICE HAS MOVED TO TORONTO. Ohh I just love her, and we're such good friends but have never been able to hang out regularly. Now she lives just a few subway stations away and is planning on coming to OCAD next year - uhm, fuck yea! Pardon my profanity. But it was necessary. We went to dinner near her place last night. We played 'pick a direction' and walked until we chose on a place, and we found ourselves in this adorable little vegan restaurant on Bloor, 'Hogstown Vegan'  I think. We had vegan nachos, which were the best nachos I've ever had in my life. And vegan mac and cheese and stuff. It was just an amazing meal. The service was also awesome, and the place itself was turquoise. I just loved it haha!

I'm so happy to have Alice so close and so willing to just go out whenever and explore Toronto and hang out. It's gonna be great!



  1. iPhone for your birthday how awesome! And I love advent calendars so great.
    Almost Endearing

  2. Ahh I've been considering jumping on the iPhone bandwagon. They seem so so fun. Yay for rats! I love having pets without having to take them out and walk them and all that junk. Little rodents are perfect apartment pets. And Macy is a cute name, too!

    I really want to get my hands on a copy of A Casual Vacancy but haven't heard the best things, either. I need to give it a try though.

    And yay 2.0 for your cousin moving closer.

    Woowoo stop being in a rut because I say so!

  3. i haven't read J.K rowlings new book yet but I totally need to.

  4. cool
    may be we can follow each other-let me know and I'll return the favor!