Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Small Talk - Early December.

A few random thoughts about my past few weeks that I'd tell you if we were chatting idly on the telephone.


+ I went to the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera show at the AGO. It was incredible. I've never been one for art shows but I think the concept has grown on me, because I loved it. I left feeling so inspired by the artwork, their beliefs / their role in history, and the love the two of them had for each other. Frida's work in particular had the most astounding colours and subject matter, and I left just wanting to paint when I got home!

"Diego On My Mind" 1943

+ Have you ever watched Prison Break? I just ploughed through the seasons and am in love with the show. And maybe the characters a little bit... So sad that I watched the final episode, it broke my heart a little way too much; both that the show was over and what happened in the finale.

+ A few friends and I went to a bar called "The Orbit Room" in Toronto last friday. It was this tiny little room with a tinsy little stage but with HUGE personality! We got there early and got a good seat near the stage and really enjoyed the band that played that night! It was a cover band galled Dwayne Gretzky that played songs from Elvis Costello to The Beatles to Eminem - all with a range of instruments including alto saxophone! It was really freakin' fun, I've re-fallen in love with live music.

+ The ikea monkey...

Probably the best thing I've seen in ages. AGES.


Anywho, I'm busy trying to study for my anatomy exam tomorrow, which has me subconsciously identifying the muscles I'm using to type this post as the extensors digitorum as well as the extensors carpi ulnaris and radialis. FUN STUFF RIGHT? Oh well, I'll be done with it by tomorrow.

I've been such a busy bee lately, somehow whenever there is a holiday of any sorts I over-plan, taking advantage of my free time, and then end up with no free time at all and feeling busier than ever. Sheesh.  I have a few interesting posts I'm planning out right now though, to be posted in the next week or so!

ALSO - this is essentially a last call for anyone who wants to buy something from the Solé shop for Christmas! I'm closing shop soon, and if you want it to get to you before Christmas you might be cutting it close - so hurry it up and take advantage of the sales prices ;) !

Hope you're all well!


  1. Frida Kahlo has always been interesting to me (I don't see how she couldn't be to everyone).

    There was this strange strange kid at my high school who EVERY DAY in class asked me "Didja see Prison Break yet" so I have never watched it because I assumed it was awful but have gotten the recommendation from reliable people and you've just pushed it. I'm going to try it!

    Good luck with your anatomy test! i actually always wanted to take an anatomy class but never got around to it. Maybe senior year for fun. Masochistic fun.

    Are you closing the shop for good?! Or just for the holiday? I hope not for good.

  2. That Frida exhibit sounds amazing!

    <3 Melissa