Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Costa Rica Film Experiments

I brought my Holga 135 with me on my trip to Costa Rica and used regular ol' 400 ISO film. 
Most of the photos turned out blurry, or overexposed. Such is the risk with using what is, essentially a toy camera, experimentally. Even though most are blurry, with a little bit of darkening with photoshop on some, it actually led to some really awesome effects. Almost ghostly!

(This one reminds me of a David Hamilton photo)

(this one, and the one below, are the only two that were not edited whatsoever)

I love film.



  1. These are beautiful! While digital photos might be able to capture every last detail, there's something so special about film photos.

  2. Awesome. i love love love looking at pictures taken with anything from lomography. I used to have a Holga and lost interest in trying to do it myself, but i think it's the coolest thing to look at!

  3. Love these, Katia! This blurriness is actually super appropriate because it makes Costa Rica look like a dreamy (literally out of the dreams, half-real, mystically hazy) place! And it is! :-)

  4. These pictures are really cool! Film can be so exciting to work with can't it? i love the layout of your blog, looks so pretty!

    http://ragsoflove.blogspot.co.uk/ xx