Friday, January 25, 2013

Small Talk - Late January

A few random thoughts about my past few weeks that I'd tell you if we were chatting idly on the telephone.


+ I painted my face as though I was a day of the dead girl (as reference for a painting I'm going to do, but it was also just fun!)
Ah yes, my Frida Kahlo inspiration persists.

+ I am currently going through the process of applying for a foreign exchange program! I'M SO EXCITED. My academics are at the requirements, the chair of my program approved me to go, all I have to do now is essentially get accepted by the foreign school I want to go to... which requires a portfolio and everything. EEK. A lot of work ahead of me, but it'll be worth it.
I'm currently looking at doing a semester in either:

- Copenhagen, Denmark
- Paris, France
- (somewhere), Switzerland

Denmark is where my grandpa was from, so I'd really love to go there. Also, one of my friends from another school is also applying to do an exchange in Copenhagen - how funny would that be!?

+ I just started watching Adventure Time this morning (finally!) I'm kind of in love with it, in a strange way the characters remind me of my friends, with their funny facial expressions and random strange noises and reactions. I also love the strange sort of morals/back stories they have in each episode.
Do any of you guys watch Adventure Time?

Hope you're all having lovely weeks!



  1. ahhhhhhh lovely, Friday always.

  2. I love the face paint! Adventure Time <3

  3. Love your face paint :) I hope you get to go study where you want! If my moods are manageable, I'd like to be able to go back to Germany or France to study for a semester.

  4. That's so exciting :) Good luck with it! Europe is good choice, although I could be biased ;)
    Adventure time is awesome but omg it has so many innuendos haha

  5. Best wishes Katia! That is incredibly exciting. I wish I would have done something like that when I was in college. I would nearly die to go to any of those places now :-) Love the face paint too! xo Marisa

  6. That sounds like a blast! I hope you get in!!!

    And we watch Adventure Time! Great show.

  7. eee i love adventure time!
    i want to study abroad badly but money is such a stupid issue. one of my best friends is studying in ecuador now and i'm so jealous!

  8. You did a great job with painting your face, nice bright colours. I likes! And adventure time is so awesome. I started watching it too, not too long ago and got the first season DVD for xmas. It's such a fun show, I love it.

  9. wow, amazing face paint! it looks so pretty :)
    and those locations sound awesome.
    i've never been to denmark, but it's high upon my list!
    xo, cheyenne

  10. I've watched a few episodes of Adventuretime and liked it. It's coming to Netflix soon so I'm waiting.
    I hope you get Denmark! That would be so cool for you.
    What a neat opportunity!

  11. I love how you painted your face! and I love your instagrams from NYC!