Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Thought or Two // Growth.

Personal growth is relative.
Sometimes we grow and we grow and we grow, and we don't even realize it until we compare ourselves to the people around us - some who are also growing, some who have already grown, and of course, some who seem to be taking their time at growing.

It's kind of like with height. When you see your cousin for the first time in 6 months and he's suddenly taller than you. Or when you realize at a concert that, for the first time ever, you're not the one on your tippy toes trying to see over everyone else who's taller than you. 

Except personal, inner growth, isn't quite so visible.

I find that every time we go through little 'mental growth spurts' we have this underlying feeling of having lost ourselves. And if you think about it? We have. The person we used to be doesn't exist anymore. That person has become a platform made up of all the persons you used to be that supports who you are now. You are different than you were. You have grown, and it takes some time to readjust and formulate a new understanding of yourself.

It's OK to feel a little lost sometimes, because when you find yourself again you might find something brand new and exciting.



  1. I found this quote last month and feel like I should share it with you. I love it.

    Totally relevant and awesome. I've never really felt like I've lost myself, just kind of evolved. I feel like I'm all my ages and am glad about that. You can always tell the people who've really lost their younger selves. Because they. are. boring.


  2. I really love this post. That feeling of being "lost" when you realize how much you've changed or grown. Even what you said about comparing yourself to others. Sometimes I realize the most how much I've grown when I look at the facebook profiles of my high school friends. I see how some people are still stuck in that high school phase and are taking a long, long time to grow. I liked what you said about the platforms too; it kinda created a cool visual picture. Great post, Katia!

  3. this is incredibly well put. i really love how you've expressed this, so completely relatable and true!
    thank you!!