Sunday, February 24, 2013

New York City!

Hey everyone!
I'm back from my reading week break - I took some time to just relaaaax after my trip to NYC. Lately I've been feeling the need for down time, for 'me' time. Time to just zone out from everything and do a little bit of nothing for a bit. Except maybe watch 3 seasons of Breaking Bad in 4 days.... hehe. I was never much of a me-time person before, but I guess things change!

New York was fantastic - I want to go back already! 3 nights was NOT enough. I felt like we didn't do nearly enough (because there's so much to do!) but we actually did! I went with my best friend Tiffany, and it was my first time travelling without my parental units. Me being me, I was nervous. Like, REALLY nervous. The type of nervous that makes me fidget like a squirrel on caffeine. Something about the actual getting there, the transportation, the "Where do I go when I get off the plane in this airport I've never been in and how do I get from the airport to the station IN nyc? And then how do I find a cab and how am I not going to get lost and end up on the other side of the world by accident?" makes me nervous. Needless to say, it wasn't that hard to figure out, and I am pretty stoked that I didn't get lost or die or lose Tiffany. And it was fun!!

Without further ado,
Here are some pictures!

Grand Central station! So beautiful, the movies don't show the outside of it often enough.

Eating breakfast across from Grand Central (our hotel was very close, and we beat the crazy line up! It was out the door when we left, Woot!)

Tiffany (who came with me). We got some pretzels in central park! We figured if there is any time to be cliché, New York is the place to do so!

Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe! A restaurant of impressive size. My veggie burger was deelish.
(Oh yea, I'm vegetarian now. Surprise!)

In the giant Toys R Us, they had a STARWARS SECTION. I was beyond stoked! There were too many Starwars related situations in New York. I think that city and I were meant to be....

We spent a LOT of time just walking around, soaking it all in. We lucked out with the weather - it was cold but not the type of cold where all you can think about is how cold you are. The sun was out, no rain, no snow. Apparently it rained the day after we left though!

The view from Central Park. Ahhh!

Selfes in the washroom because the light was so nice in it. And we are selfie whores. Whatevuh!

Central Park. It was quite a social experience - all sorts of tourists asking each other in various international accents to take a photo of them with their friends. I liked it!!

We had amazing luck on the trip. The hotel staff gave us free Wifi simply because we asked... The flight attendants gave us extra snacks. We missed almost every big line up for anything. We got some good deals on I <3 NY tshirts, and we didn't encounter any issues while travelling at all! And Tiffany is the greatest person to travel with ever. I feel like the whole trip went on without a hitch, it was just the perfect little get away!

I also bought lots of awesome clothes. On sale. Yep. Life is good.


  1. lovely photos:)

  2. AMAZING! I cannot wait to go someday.

    Also, you have the Obey crew neck sweater I wannnnt lol

  3. looks like you had an AMAZING time! i was in nyc for like 8 hours once. it was definitely an experience that's for sure :)

  4. so glad you had such an amazing time! i'd really love to travel to nyc with friends someday.

    and i've decided to start breaking bad. maybe i'll beat your watching record!

  5. Looks like you had a great time! NY is my fav place in the whole world, there's always something to do and somewhere to explore!

  6. 3 nights is definitely not enough time to soak in all ny has to offer. wandering around exploring and just taking it all in was one of my favorite things to do any time I visited.

  7. You two had such a great time! I'm happy for you :-) And you know, extra snacks on an airplane is a super lucky bonus! Can never go wrong with extra snacks..