Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Art Lately / February

I know it's already March, but these are all pieces I worked on for school in February!

A character design assignment - I came up with this little story ages ago and took this as an opportunity to design Frothy! Frothy is the subject of a cautionary tale, much like the Boogey man or Baba Yaga. Only Frothy is intended to keep kids away from the ocean's undertow - he's the guy who'll snatch up little kids if they get stuck in it!
Done using Adobe Illustrator - I used the assignment as an opportunity to play around with techniques that are unusual for Illustrator pieces!

"The Tooth Pick Pig Pal - On the Go Travel Case"
My prof gave each of us a toonie and told us to go buy something under 2$ and be back in an hour. Luckily China Town is a few blocks away from my school - so a bunch of us went there and I found a creepy tooth pick dispenser. In the shape of a pig (bottom right corner). Needless to say I extrapolated, and turned it into a little kid's tool to improve dental hygiene. This was definitely one of the funniest assignments I've ever worked on!

Top left - the embroidery on the front of the pouch. 
Top right - hand drawn lining fabric with pig face pattern
Bottom - Instruction card for the pig, on the other side are silly dental hygiene facts!

"Day of the Dead"
 The first in a series of paintings for my Drawing & Painting class. The theme I chose for the 4 paintings I'm to do is 'death as seen in varying cultures". I already did the grim reaper, but I'm not very happy with it. Next up - an Egyptian Mummy!
This was also my first time trying out oil paints - I like them, but they're a super hassle.

Excuse her terrible lip liner ;)

(All work copyrighted to Katia Engell)

I have fallen head first into art & school. It's hectic, sometimes frustrating, but so satisfying and fun too!



  1. Hey. Awesome stuff! I love that pig haha.

  2. Katia, these are amazing! You are so super talented!! Show us more :)

  3. Your frothy character reminds me of greg 'craola' simkins. Look him up :)

    1. Just looked him up - Wow! What a compliment :) I really like his stuff!

  4. Beautiful work as always! You are such a talent :)

  5. you are so creative! love frothy!