Friday, April 26, 2013

My First Yoga Class

Last Monday I went to my first ever Yoga class with my step mom. I wanted to check out the gym that I'll probably be joining, and the classes it offers! My step mom jokingly warned methat the instructor was a little intense - in the sense that he really believed in Yoga as a spiritual activity.

Well, she was right. But I loved it! I can't say I left believing in everything he said or spiritually awakened, but I found it healing nonetheless. Getting into that frame of mind, the calm that allows you to really connect with your body and become aware of it, it was a very special experience and I'm totally hooked already! I swear I spent the entire hour and a bit in another place, one where the things that are normally on my mind were not. I literally left my worries and concerns at the door and focused on the moves, on the stretches, on the way my body behaved. It was super relaxing. 

The ideas that I totally did get into were that of loving your body for what it is. The instructor insisted we kiss our knees when we were doing the stretch with bringing our knees up. He insisted we thank our bodies for what we were able to do, even if it wasn't as far of a stretch as others were capable of. If our hands were in a near prayer position, he'd tell us to pray to whomever or whatever it is we pray to that our bodies stay as wonderfully capable as they are now. It was so refreshing to have such a simple version of self-love thrown at us in a setting where it's pretty easy to believe it! What with our bodies twisting and stretching and curving and releasing so much energy. It's remarkable.

I also loved the idea of "healthy body, healthy mind" and vice versa. It's something I've been focused on a lot lately, in the way I eat and the way I live. If that weren't obvious by the health smoothie recipe I just posted! I can't lie - I've had one of those smoothies every day this week! Different recipes, but with the same 'health' goal in mind! 

So basically, I think I'll be going back to Yoga again. Soon.



  1. Great post - I've been thinking of taking up yoga for a while, so this way very helpful! Sounds like you had an amazing experience. :) x

  2. That is amazing! I am going to my first yoga class this Sunday, and hot yoga at that! I am beyond excited.

  3. Awesome! I recently just had my first experience with yoga as well and feel very much the same way! I'm checking out a few other classes with different instructors - as you can imagine they each have different levels of 'intensity' haha but he sounds great! My favorite thing so far has been allowing myself the 45 or 60 minutes to focus on breathing - I didn't even realize how badly I needed to until I had one instructor who emphasized/narrated our breathing cycles and it was just great! Enjoy!


  4. Yoga does the same for me! I love it! I haven't been in a really long time but I'm hoping once we get settled I'll find a new studio to join.

  5. A healthy body and a healthy mind are all we need to keep us from limiting ourselves, and believing that we can do almost anything. If we are balanced physically and mentally, we can focus more on our strengths on both areas. Also, be able to utilize them to excel in certain activities.

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  6. That is awesome!
    Kind of reminds me of that "Keep your coins, I want change"
    picture that was floating around the interweb a few years back.


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  7. Congrats on your first yoga class, Katia. And yoga is not only about the proper stretching of your limbs, or the flexibility of the body. It is sort of cleansing your mind from emotional stress—the one that tires us the most.

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  9. It's good to hear that you had an awesome yoga experience. Usually, you would feel a strong string of emotion and preconceived thought. But as you proceed, you can learn how you can try to release these internal turmoil, which is the main objective of yoga class.