Sunday, May 19, 2013

Clean Body Care

You guys all know Carly, right? (If you don't you should, go check out her blog!) She's been posting a lot about clean body care and clean living in general and I must say I've been thinking the same thing lately. I've made a lot of changes in how I eat and I'd like to bring that over into more aspects of my life - it just makes sense, to live as naturally as possible.

I'm looking into handmade, 100% natural beauty/body care products and I want to know your input - I have a few etsy shops that I've been browsing through but I want to know if you guys have any experience with Etsy shops that you love!
Here are the ones I've been looking at:

1. On A Branch Soaps - I met the shop owner, Tara, at the Christmas Bazaar I participated in! I bought several of her soaps for some Christmas presents at the show and everyone I gave them to loved them. She's also a super sweet person and I really loved her scents and everything! I only tried the soaps though, and I really want to look into lip balms, moisturizing creams, etc.

2. Southern Twisted Soaps - Carly recommended these guys on her blog, and their scents look AMAZING. Paprika Pineapple? Who would have thought of that, but it sounds super great! The one thing I'm wary of is that they are not 100% natural and include fragrances and some chemicals. Don't know if I want to splurge

3. Epically Epic Soap - I found these guys on Etsy and I really like their scent combinations and the fact that they are entirely vegan, totally 100% natural! I'm really leaning towards some of their playful lip balms and scents!

So yea! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions or has any experience with these Etsy stores please do let me know!

Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend - I am! Even though I'm working through it, only two more weeks of working all 7 days!


  1. I want to make the jump to more natural products as well. I'm not sure how natural LUSH's products are, but I love them. For makeup, I've only been using Almay because it seems like the most natural brand and it's not tested on animals. I would really like it if you reviewed some of the products if you end up trying them out!

  2. I've been doing mostly natural/organic products for a while now and I love a lot of the stuff I have been finding over the years. I've never heard of any of these Etsy shops but I will have to check them out. Right now I am using a couple of the bath and body products from Nubian Farms - also, my little sis makes her own as well and they smell heavenly! I keep trying to convince her to open up an Etsy :-)

  3. I've also been slowing incorporating more natural and organic products into my beauty routines - but I haven't heard of any of these shops. What I have been using are natural oils - lavender, tea tree, rosewater, and mixing those with my everyday products. I'm really intrigued by the Southern Twisted Soaps though - the scents sound amazing!