Thursday, May 16, 2013

Where's Waldo?

More like, Where's Katia?

I've been all over the place. Mentally, physically, in all ways really. I've just started a brand new full-time job and I am absolutely loving it - even though I'm working in a cubicle, which I imagined to be stuffy. And I am working within the corporate part of health care, which I imagined to be way too much for me to take - especially anything either business related or health/science related. But I'm finding it really fascinating and am throwing myself willingly head first into it! Because I am doing visual communication type things, I am in and out of the office meeting people, going to different hospitals, and even working from home if I can!

On top of this job though, I am finishing up this month at the French pastry store I've been working at on weekends, AND I am taking a summer course that happens every Tuesday & Thursday evenings. Needless to say, my schedule is fully booked. But fun! So I may be tired but I am learning a lot and enjoying it!

Oh, I was also part of a live art show a few weekends ago - it was amazing! Lots of friends and my parents came out to see, to hang out, and to hang out after. It resulted in an absolutely heart warming, memorable night!

My final result after 4hrs of painting!

My dad and I!  Everyone else came too, I just don't have pictures with them, oops!
Most of the gang who showed up, love them all! Many thanks and hugs and love to everyone who wasn't in this photo too of course, you all rawk my socks.

So that's been me lately. I've been quite the busy bee, and I must buzz off to the book store now. I finished reading the Great Gatsby (have any of you seen the movie yet!?) and it's time to move on to another literary masterpiece!


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  1. Sounds like you're a busy lady right now! I know so many exciting things are going to happen for you!