Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Garage Sale Finds

Every year on the first Saturday of June, my neighbourhood does a mega-garage sale. It's one of my favourite events of the year - I LOVE going through peoples' old goodies and finding little treasures! I also love getting rid of everything I've decided to purge. I am such a sentimental, keep-all person, and I was really hard on myself for what I got rid of this year. Anything that didn't sell - I packed up into bags and threw into the salvation army truck that parks nearby at the end of the sale every year. I still snatched up some goodies though, all for less than 20$ - TOTAL! My inner thriftster is far over the moon!

Got these hawt-mama overalls for 5$. I chatted with the people selling them and they kept saying how it brought back their memories of wearing these in the 70's!

Super beautiful, old leather-working tools - for 4$! There's something about the look of old tools that I love. And now I can make belts actually fit me!
My friend Kathryn and I went to check out the stump of my neighbour's 100 year old tree - if you look close enough, you can see it started off as 4 individual trees! So so cool.

Books with incredible illustrations & an art nouveau mint tin - 4.25$ total.
One of my favourite illustrated pages from the "Encyclopedia of Nature" I got. I really love the aesthetic of old nature/botanical illustrations. They don't quite make them this way anymore.

Ahhhh now I just can't wait until next year to sell more of my excessive amount of STUFF, and to find more wonderful little treasures!



  1. I love garage sales, great finds! :)
    I'm excited to see how you wear the overalls!

    Angela @ Texas Chic!

  2. Wow, what great finds! Wish my neighbours would have garage sales haha :D x


  3. Well this looks like a good time!!
    I miss your face. Hangouts soon please lova.

  4. I love garage sales!! Haven't gone much lately because the weather has been kinda crappy! Hoping to go soon though!