Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Halloween On the Dark Side

No, my halloween was not a somber night, I was Darth Vader for Halloween! I spent my Halloween weekend at a few little shindigs that were a total blast. I got to see people from my first highschool & my university at one party, then an entirely new crowd at the other! It's kind of fun knowing absolutely no one at a party and making friends. I bonded with a bunch of people over my music choices when I 'DJed' which just means I plugged in my Iphone. It was rad.


 (The two above photos captured by a talented photographer friend Carly! Check out her Flickr!)

I have some pretty good, fun people in my life. Check out my friend's DIY Uncle Sam costume in the bottom right picture! Her room mate was Rosie the Riveter to match, super awesome!

What did you dress up as for Halloween?
Can you believe it's already November? It's my birthday month! Hopefully it'll be a nice and busy and exciting month.


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  1. Loved your Halloween tights! And those gold shorts on your friend haha
    I can not believe it's November!! I'm sure it's a great month, but it's just all changing so fast!