Sunday, December 8, 2013

Turning a New Leaf

(C) Katia Engell

Well, I have officially retired the "KittySnooks" title. I would super duper appreciate it if anyone following would follow the new URL on bloglovin', as I wasn't sure how to switch from one url to the other while keeping them somehow tied!

There is so much 'new' in my life. I've been exploring new modes of art-making, new career paths within illustration, new interests. This above piece, though I wish were a real Soulpepper poster, was just a final assignment where we were provided templates from the 2009 Soulpepper posters. The best part about posting some of these online was when people commented on some of my friends' pieces saying "omg! Congrats!" or "Did they pay you to use that?" and other funny-to-us comments.

I have finished more than half of my undergrad degree now - holy smokes! It's the holidays and I am so so glad to have a bit of time to rest my head and draw and write and read before next semester. Next semester's going to be quite the adventure. More on that later...



  1. It sounds like an exciting time in your life! I love the poster you've made here. Also, about bloglovin...have you tried emailing support? When I swiched my blogs over, I had two bloglovins, and they were kind enough to merge them for me :)

    1. Thank you for the advice! I did exactly that and they figure it out for me :)