Tuesday, January 14, 2014

have courage

I was feeling quite frightened about my Paris trip one night and was talking to a good friend. Instead of telling me not to be scared, like most people might, he told me this:

"I think it's a good thing you're scared, because if you were completely comfortable, what's the point? What could you learn, how would you grow?"

In that moment I genuinely thought "Who are you where did your wisdom come from, could I please go spelunking around in your mind to see what other nuggets of incredible insight you've got in there?" but all I could phrase together was "Wow, you're right."

I've been reminding myself of his words every time I start to feel a note of fear creep up amidst my excitement. Courage means it's ok to be scared. Courage means you should embrace the fear as something to overcome. Courage means conquering your fears and doing things regardless of the anxiety it may cause you. So, have courage I shall! I'll even make it my new years 'mantra'.

With every 'to-do' I check off my list and with the help of this mantra, I am shaking off all the stress and negativity I was feeling towards the process of getting my passport/visa/apartment stuff sorted out. This leaves a whole lot of excess space for excitement, and lots of it! I have secured a place for me to live; a typically adorable little studio in central Paris with big windows and a teenie kitchen and a loft bed. I have my plane tickets, I have finally been approved for a student visa, and I have started collecting my friends' mailing addresses so I can write them postcards while I'm there.

I have also reeeaaaaally been feelin' the look of hyper detailed hand lettering lately. This was a (relatively) quick doodle of my mantra!
The rest of this week will be busy with goodbyes and packing, then come Monday, au revoir Canada!


** Disclaimer: my mantra does not apply to spider sightings, spiders in my proximity, or other various spider encounters. I cannot be held liable if I freak out and run out of the room and squeal and ask someone else to please remove the spider from the area by whatever means they feel comfortable with.

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