Friday, January 17, 2014

Paris // Pre-Paris YumYum Practice

My friend Mickie (who blogs here!) and I both needed some girl time preferably involving delicious food so she suggested Nadege, a little patisserie in downtown Toronto. I felt funny being there and eating 'french' food the week before I leave to Paris, but enjoyed it thoroughly nonetheless of course. I mean, yummy is yummy no matter where you are in the world, right? My goat cheese and fig croissant sandwich was to die for.

I also couldn't get over the sweet design of the place, the clean white and pink geometric details and wooden benches. I was digging it. I love being in well branded, well designed places. Especially now that I've been in art school for 3 years and I can identify specific choices and understand the intention behind peoples' designs, and thus appreciate it differently. I don't know, it sounds silly, but I think it's pretty fun!

Three days until Paris! They're a busy three, trying to see everyone and pack and gather my thoughts. Here goes!



  1. Looks like a lovely place. Wish I could have joined you ;)

  2. this looks so lovely. I love being in well branded and designed places as well. They make the experience of where you are so much better. =)
    Have fun in Paris!! So envious. I would love to visit one day. =)