Sunday, January 26, 2014

Paris // Settling

I've not been here a week and I already have enough tales to tell that I could monopolize the table conversation for an entire full course dinner. Which, to my friends and family, won't sound shocking because as they know I can be am an incorrigible chatterbox. That's not the point though so just roll with it for now guys.

Some of my friends got invited to a little soirée by a charming Parisian tour guide who plays in a bossa nova band, so they kindly brought me along. We ate cheese and drank wine, and then the bossa nova boys began playing for us. I couldn't believe my ears, or my eyes, or any of my senses really. There I was, my third night in Paris, in a little Parisian apartment with some rather 'hip' people (coming from art school this is my comfort zone), listening to these charming fellas play Brazilian music, and I was completely immersed in the moment. It was simply and absolutely surreal. A touch cliché and total affirmation that indeed, French men are charmers and are completely aware of it, but pretty cool nonetheless.

Apart from that, I moved into my apartment! It's a super adorable studio in a great area. Big windows, spacious, safe, fully functional kitchen and washroom, the whole lovely shebang. I've explored my neighbourhood and gotten myself settled a bit. I found the right store to go to for toilet paper (hallelujah) and coffee and other necessities. I invited my friends over for dinner last night and we had a really nice time. I made guacamole but forgot to buy hot sauce, so I tried putting in some actual hot pepper I had picked up. It was delicious and I may just never go back to using hot sauce. A fun little discovery totally unrelated to Paris but I thought I'd share anyway.

I'm so fortunate to have such a circle of people around me here. It wouldn't be the same without them and I'm so excited to expand it at school, meet new people from all over the place. It's going to be great! I also plan on being a bit of a tourist once I get my phone and banking stuff all sorted out on Monday (Oh ya, everything's closed Sundays, so my plan to be productive today is a total no-go. Oops.)



  1. So amazing! It reminds me of my school years, thank you for sharing your adventures! For how long are you staying there? Will you take short trips outside of the city? Good luck with all your Monday errands, can't wait to hear more stories! :-)

  2. Yay for getting settled in! Sounds like so much fun already. Looking forward to hearing more about your Paris adventure :-)

  3. That sounds really exciting! Congrats on having been able to settle in a safe place. :) Love love love Paris! Would love to wander around there someday. ;)