Thursday, February 13, 2014

Paris // Little Paris Gems .o1

Would you believe that I've been here almost a month and have yet to see the Eiffel tower or Notre Dame or any of the big tourist traps attractions? Part of me just isn't in a rush; I have two weeks of vacation coming up, and another 4 or so months left here after all. The other part of me has just been falling in love with the lesser known Paris. I'm really digging the little places and hidden gems that don't immediately come to mind when you think 'PARIS!'

These two aren't particularly little, of course. Place de la République is actually quite big and plays a starring role in a Coeur de Pirate song, but unless you know a bit more about Paris you probably haven't heard of it. It's about 5 minutes away from my apartment (and 5 other minutes away from a delicious bagel place, which is where I was waddling home from with a full belly when I happened upon it). It was Sunday and the whole plaza was ridden with skateboarders and a band playing some jazz music, and little kids and people. It was very alive, which is nice on a Sunday here since most places are closed and it can feel quite quiet (quiet by Paris standards anyway). We walked around it and giggled at the kids who crashed their tricks and fell. I think the sheer number of people falling all around us is what made me laugh, it just kept happening at every turn, each fall followed by the characteristic ohhhhh's of teenage boys hanging out together and the melodramatic clutching of the knee (or elbow, or ribs) by the fallen.

Then there's the Marché aux Puces (this one is St Ouen)! Now THIS is what I remembered from my previous trip to Paris when I was younger. It's the biggest flea market I've ever been to, with everything from clothes to antique furniture to postcards to taxidermy to african masks... just everything! And lord knows I love some vintage visual stimulation; it's like design porn! Little trinkets and old things that have such esthetic appeal, all laid out like that! Maan I love it! I bought myself some post cards, some with actual writing dating back to 1927, and some old portrait prints. I couldn't resist! We also only saw part of the market, so I'll definitely be headed back when the weather's nice again to explore the rest of it!

Yup, Paris is pretty cool I suppose. Still crossing my fingers for some nicer weather though! Today there was some hail, and the french students in class were all bewildered. Meanwhile I'm sitting there all "Ha... how cute. Come spend some time in Canada sometime...". I hadn't had my coffee yet, so I guess I can be allowed a bit of sarcastic grumpiness, right? Hehe.


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  1. I wish I could visit you. We would have so much fun exploring the flea markets. Flea markets were my favorite part of living in Berlin.