Thursday, February 20, 2014

Paris // Love & Stuff

I promise this post isn't going to be a total cheese-fest; you will not be tempted to empty your stomach of its contents whilst reading this. In fact I'll barely mention love at all. The title of this post is a total misnomer. Pinky swear!

Valentine's was a great night. I joke that it was a romantic lovely evening in the 'city of love' but really, a group of us went out and called it "Vacation's Day" instead as it was the last day of class before a two week holiday. No complaints though - we found a really cool bar with Moroccan inspired decor and delicious (but pricey) cocktails, then moved on to a cheaper bar, and just generally had an adventure and it was a blast!

Yesterday I went to a Stefan Sagmeister exhibition called "The Happy Show". I loved it! I have a whole new appreciation for Sagmeister and his design work. I'll dedicate a post to the happy show another time as it was such a cool experience and really got me thinking.

After the show we explored the venue it was in, which has a public work space and library and video game area and was just generally design focused and SERIOUSLY cool. What was cooler is that people there were actually using it! There was this interactive set up where you could spell out phrases. Someone had written out "Happy with my girl *insert name here*", so I opted to write out a phrase of my own dedicated to the current love of my life, my puppy back home, Oliver. Whom I miss very very very much. I'm in total animal withdrawal. You should see me ogle over the puppies I pass on the streets. It's embarassing, really.

I've even skyped Oliver the other night! Though our conversation wasn't particularly in depth or lengthy...

(Pfft, no, those aren't my parents behind him holding him up to the webcam...)
I'm pretty sure that right there is the embodiment of puppy dog eyes. Ahh he's my faaaavourite, I miss him so so much...

This is quite a disjointed post,  I guess I just wanted to pop in really.

ps. Look! I only mentioned 'love' about once a paragraph! See? Nothing too sappy here. Except maybe the part about Oliver. But he's a dog so it's ok right?

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  1. It's so cute! I always skype with my bunny back in Moscow, too! :-) What are you going to do on your two-week long vacation? Are you all going somewhere out of the city? Have fun!