Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Weekend by the Ocean

Ahhh. For those who have followed the blog for while, you'll know I used to work at a little french pastry shop back in Toronto. One of my coworkers/managers, Graziella, is actually from France and was in Toronto for a year for work! It was sad when she left after the year (Sunday closing shifts were never the same!) but then I got news that I'd been accepted for this exchange in Paris, and we talked about meeting up at some point! I didn't know she lived by the sea, but boy oh boy was I happy when she invited me to visit for a weekend and mentioned the beach! Especially after a very busy week at school, I was eager to get away for a little break.

So after my class on Friday I hopped on the train and made my way to the coast. It was so nice to be travelling, moving, headed somewhere for a little adventure! What a feeling to watch the scenery zoom past and change from city to countryside to small town to seaside all in one seamless blur!

Graziella and her boyfriend picked me up at the station and we went right to the beach, just in time for some sunset scenes on the water! We then had muscles for dinner (moules frites!) and I had a nice long sleep. The next day all their friends came over and we had a day-long barbecue outside, we had the perfect weather and it REALLY felt like summer. I'd forgotten how nice it was to run around barefoot, soak up the sun and breathe big  lung-fulls of fresh air. So refreshing.

I was really sad to leave such a beautiful town, such wonderful weather, and the sea! I am also so thankful to have made a friend as kind and generous as Graziella, and that her friends were all so welcoming and patient with me as I occasionally struggled with my french! Such a nice group of people, combined with the sun, my heart was very full and warm!



  1. This town looks beautiful, and so lucky you had that gorgeous weather! Glad to hear you had a nice little adventure. Now you have me dreaming about barbecue weather...

  2. It sounds so wonderful! I always wanted to visit Bretagne and the coast. Maybe one day..
    I can imagine meeting an old friend that you weren't sure you'll see again, and spending a great weekend at the beach - just perfect! I love seeing my old friends again, every time. I wish events like this happened more often.