Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Humpday Digs | 26.03.14

Just short of being creatively titled 'Humpday Humpables', Humpday Digs is a new feature I'll be keeping up with on the blog. My intention is to share with you whatever has recently tickled the chin of my fancies or gotten the wheels of my thinktank spinnin'. Maybe it'll do the same for you! Plus, everyone needs a little pick me up on Wednesdays. So grab yourself a beer (or a coffee, depending what time of day it is), kick back and take a look at the glorious things the interwebs have revealed to me this week! 

• It makes me so happy when bands grow up and break away from the mold they'd previously built for themselves, without losing their talent behind weird attempts at being new and funky fresh, subsequently sinking themselves in the deep end. The Kooks is one of those bands that year after year I revisit and love just as much as I did when I first discovered them as a young teen. When I listened to this new song, 'Down', at first I was really taken aback by how different it was, but the more I listen, the more I loooooove it. This new sound is totally weird and new and funky fresh, but they made it work! Their days of writing poetic moody songs as angst ridden youths are far behind them (not that I didn't love those songs too). 'Down' feels more about the grooves and twists and jumps of the music, and the video is anxiously abstract, and I dig it a lot a lot a lot. So props to these boys for growing up well alongside their fans!

• This past Halloween, Juxtapoz posted a series of old Halloween photos, claiming that Halloween was WAY creepier back then. We'll it's true, but I'm constantly revisiting the photos anyway!  The costumes are absolutely fascinating and make me feel like I walked right into a bizarre, surrealist dream. Check out more of them here.

• "Non cogito; ergo sum." My marketing prof brought this up last week during his introduction of the class, somewhere between the story of his career in the perfume industry and his theory on asian countries taking over the world (um.). He thought it was a brilliant expression about intuition, and trusting one's gut. I'm a huge believer in instincts and in the idea that one can find truth when NOT thinking. Then again, I am a perpetual over-thinker so I often have to resort to trusting my gut to make any decisions in life. But hey - I think it's been working out okay so far?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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