Sunday, March 9, 2014

Paris // Sunny Days

The sun has finally poked its head out for longer than an afternoon - we've had a few days of sunshine and 17 degree (Celcius) weather and I am feelin' as fresh as a newborn babe. Spending some time outdoors really makes me feel that way, always. I feel newly enchanted with Paris and my little life here.

I spent a few hours after class on Friday, sitting by the Seine with friends, shedding my winter layers and soaking up the sun and the buzzing, happy energy of a sunny day. We watched ducks poke about for bits of food in the water and various cruise boats float by. It was both peaceful and energizing, I felt great.

It's a busy weekend/week here, with lots of school work due this coming week. Which is a shame since we're supposed to have amazing weather aaalllll week. It's ok though, it'll make my walk home that much nicer. I'm still baffled by the fact that I pass by Notre Dame and Hotel de Ville every day on my route home. It's not even a detour, it's just the best way to go. Crazy!



  1. Your Paris notes are full with fresh spring air, I can almost hear happy people on the sunlit streets, the birds singing and smell the first flowers when I read your posts. Have a wonderful week! We will have some sunshine this week, too, I'm very excited!

  2. Beautiful! I love hearing your Paris stories, you sound so happy. Glad you're having a great time!