Saturday, March 22, 2014

Reality: Beyond the Crop I & II

"I added beyond the cropping of beautiful Rococo paintings to show the (entirely fabricated by me) satiric ‘reality’ behind the luxe portrayals of the people of the time.

Original paintings by Alexander Roslin (first) and Aleksei Antropov (second)

(c) Katia Engell"

Well folks, this is the first assignment I've done here in Paris that I am proud of. I haven't really mentioned this on the blog, but I'm really confused by this school. It's great - don't get me wrong, but it's not for me.

They accepted me based on my portfolio which was entirely made up of illustrations. Not even illustration within design. It was all full-on-nothing-but illustration work. Yet, they've plunked me into a heavily graphic-design focused curriculum, in a year that is equivalent to their MASTERS program... um. Hello, I haven't properly studied graphic design in my life!! Needless to say, I am learning, but I am also struggling to produce work that I'm happy with, which is always a bit discouraging. I am of course trying to take it as an opportunity to learn something I otherwise wouldn't, and taking any chance I have to throw some illustration into the mix. Like with this project!

For one of my classes we got a project called "Inserts'. Meaning, we had to insert our own work into something pre-existing somehow. It was a very vague brief, so it was the perfect chance for me to do something illustrative. I chose to add onto Rococo paintings to make a statement about how, beyond the cropping of a photo, we have no idea what's really going on (instagram anyone?). I'm not sure what my teachers thought, but that's ok. I realllly enjoyed doing this, and want to add more to the series! I like a challenge, and trying to make my additions match the original is tough, but rewarding. Especially all that drapery... yikes!

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Hilarious! This is such an interesting subject and one which I haven't thought about before, anything could be going on.I think this could potential make a really good series, you should do more in your spare time.

    Buckets & Spades