Friday, April 25, 2014

Copenhagen: Mini Guide!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had lovely Easter weekends filled with chocolate and family. I am back from my travels and have lots to share!!

My first stop; Copenhagen.
Holy guacamole guys, I loved this city. My time there was too short, and I will certainly be back.
I thought I would share with you guys my personal 'mini guide' of places to eat and places to see - because sometimes information on the internet can be so plentiful that good information becomes sparse. Hopefully my insight will be 'good' to some, if you ever intend on some Copenhagen traveling (which you should - it's amazing there.)

Have you ever thought of porridge as a treat? Maybe you got lucky and grew up with an amazing porridge maker, or liked it from the start. For me however, porridge was  always far from luxurious. Until I ate at Grød. We went two mornings in a row to this adorable porridge shop. My personal favourite? The Dulce de Leche (Caramel sauce) oatmeal, with apples and nuts. They also make wicked lattes. Win win win win. I loved this place!

The Little Mermaid:
Did you know the original Little Mermaid is a story by famous Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen? There's a beautiful little statue in Copenhagen of a little mermaid that is surprisingly small, but still a must see! You can also check out the nearby star fortress 'Kastellet', for a nice little walk.

We happened upon Slice of San Fancisco café, mostly because I saw "BURRITOS' on the sign outside. My penchant for burritos always leads me to good things - I loved this place! Miriam, the lovely owner, has such a spirit and I was glad to get to talking with her about her delicious cheesecake (which has garnered some good press, for good reason!). She is from San Francisco but moved to Copenhagen 20(21?) years ago, and opened her café just 9 months ago. Her cheesecake is a must-try, as is her one of a kind apple pie with chili added to the recipe... holy yum. The burrito was great too, and the lovely service from Miriam and her daughter was the cherry on top. Definitely recommend!

Freetown Christiania is the 'hippie commune' of sorts in Copenhagen, it was REALLY cool to visit and walk through! You're not allowed to take photos on the main street, since they sell weed there quite openly (which is quite the controversy in Copenhagen it seems), so I didn't take out my camera obviously. But if you want a relaxed afternoon with yummy food and a really chill atmosphere, definitely stop by this place! I would have liked to stay longer, but the company I was with wasn't in the mood to stop for long. Oh well, next time!

Pedestrian Streets:
There are many pedestrian streets in the center of Copenhagen, with lots of shops and beautiful design to see. Most of our time in Copenhagen was spent just wandering and exploring, spotting towers poking up above the buildings and walking towards them to see what we'd find. We were lucky with the weather too, so it was doable!

Café Munk was our dinner spot of choice! Often we'd over-eat for lunch (when we visited family or snacked on whatever else we found), and Café Munk was a great find for both big meals or smaller options. The indian food options were delicious, vegetarian friendly, and really hit the spot! We really liked the service and the music, and the free wifi was nice too, hehe. I also tried the icecream for dessert, and it was super crazy delicious!

Hopefully this'll help anyone looking to make a trip to Copenhagen in the future near or far! The people of Copenhagen are so friendly and helpful. One moment that really marked me was when walking home at night, a woman fell off her bike and had trouble getting up (whether that was a result of a few beers or not, I'm not sure, haha) but immediately, two people who had just crossed to the other side of the street ran back to help her, and a man from the bar at the corner also ran out, all without hesitation. So sweet! I also encountered many helpful folks as I navigated my way to the city from the airport on the various metros and trains. It's definitely a feel-good atmosphere!

Have any of you guys been to Copenhagen before? What were your favourite spots??


  1. Ah! I've wanted to visit Copenhagen for such a long time, I have some good friends from there. You've re-enforced my desire to go there! Thanks for the mini-guide :) I'm fascinated by Christiania, too bad you couldn't stay longer.. At least you're close by for a quick visit...

  2. What not to love? Thanks for the guide, Katia, I'll have to come back for it whenever we decide to go to Copenhagen. I've studied it as a part of my tourism program but haven't made it there yet. Yet...))