Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Humpday Digs | 09.04.14

• This series by Katerina Plotnikova with models and animals is so magical! The people and creatures are interacting so naturally and beautifully. It also gives me an itch to dye my hair red, enlist a pet hedgehog as my shoulder-riding sidekick to come with me through all my European adventures and we would be the best of friends for the rest of forever...
 Yea, safe to say I'm in serious animal/pet withdrawal guys. Time for another trip to the cat café (and quick before I become Paris's crazy hedgehog lady!).

These 'floating cities' made by artists bring back all my childhood fantasies of fort building and tree house adventures, except on the water, which is just an extra level of cool. Such dreamy photos too!

• Take a listen to Mac Demarco's new album, Salad days. Fair warning: this album will undoubtedly make you long for summer even more than you already are.

• Any Pingu fans out there? This video made me laugh my face off.

Happy Humpday everyone!

Just short of being creatively titled 'Humpday Humpables', Humpday Digs is a bi-weekly feature on this blog. My intention is to share with you whatever has recently tickled the chin of my fancies or gotten the wheels of my thinktank spinnin'. Maybe it'll do the same for you! Plus, everyone needs a little pick me up on Wednesdays. So grab yourself a beer (or a coffee, depending what time of day it is), kick back and take a look at the glorious things the interwebs have revealed to me this week!

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