Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Outfit 1.o

(shirt: Mango, bag: Barnacle Bags, pants: Scotch & Soda, shoes: Everlane)

Remember when I used to do actual outfit posts? I stopped doing them, but that doesn't mean my interest in fashion has disappeared. It is, after all, a form of design, and lord knows I love all things design! I am also looking to satiate this shopping urge I've been having, without spending any money/buying more clothes than I can fit in my suitcase when I return to Canada in two months! And so, I may just share some outfit collages with you guys here instead of too much real shopping!

Trends I've been loving lately:
• Tropical 'hawaiian prints' I'm so happy these are 'in' right now, I've always loved them even though they can be tacky!
• Simplicity. I need more of it to balance my tendencies towards the patterned things in life.
• Neutrals. Especially warm leathery neutrals.

 Tomorrow I am off to Copenhagen for a few days, then Belgium for a few after that, all to meet and see relatives of mine! I was a little sad that I'm missing Easter with my family this year, it's always one of my favourite holidays (partly because I love mini-eggs so damn much, which I have yet to find here, ahhh!) so I'm happy that even though I'm away from home I'll be with family over Easter. It may not be the family I usually spend it with, but it will be family nonetheless and just as filled with laughter and food I'm sure! :)

What have you got planned for Easter weekend?


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  1. This is a really pretty Spring outfit! I agree that simplicity is key, and this outfit is perfect. Have fun in Copenhagen and Belgium! :)