Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pattern: Popcorn

(c) Katia Engell

Now, just because my school work hasn't been explicitly 'illustration' doesn't mean I haven't been squishing it in wherever I can! These fun little popcorn kernels were drawn for an animation project (which I will also share once it's done by next week!). The more I looked at them the more I wanted to turn them into a pattern. Clearly my obsession with patterns isn't going anywhere anytime soon...

Drawing popcorn at a large scale was such a weird, abstract experience! It was so much fun to analyze the way popcorn is shaped and made up as I drew the kernels!

This pattern is up in my Society 6 shop HERE, available on a variety of things (I think the pillows and phone cases look really cool!!)

Ahhhh guysss! All of my finals are due next week - then I'm all done school, then I go home! I can't believe I'll be home so soon!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Paris // 16 Days

Holy goats! I have a mere 16 days left of my Paris adventure. These past few weeks have been some of the very best, as I'm sure the next two will be as well! The weather's been nicer (sort of), we're a much closer group of friends now, and we're all making the most of our time left here despite being totally swamped with school work!

(Quote by J.K. Rowling,Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

To be fair - I'm not dreading going home at all, it's going to be so so nice to see everyone again just in time for summer and I am really looking forward to reuniting with my 'people'. It will be bittersweet though. I've become mega fond of our group of friends here and really close with quite a few. It will be tough to say goodbye, but realistically, with my good ol' bud the internet it won't be impossible to keep in touch. Plus we always talk about visits with one another if we ever find ourselves in someone's country! Collectively we come from Australia, Canada, Hungary, Italy, Scotland, Spain, and Switzerland. We're quite the international group! It's such a once in a lifetime chance to meet such a variety of incredibly fun, wonderful people!

A lot of the above photos are from an evening we had at the Seine, where we donned some crazy animal masks for one friend's photography project. It set a really great goofy tone for the rest of the evening, and we definitely caught the attention of other Seine-side drinkers. Whenever boats went by we put the masks on and waved to them, ha! It was a seriously memorable night, one for the books!

All this to say, I will be a bit absent from this blog while I focus on enjoying my last weeks here. The good part of that is that it means I'll have plenty of stories to share once I'm all done ;)

ps. Yes, the bottom left photo is indeed a selfie with people taking a wee in the background. Shh.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Outfit .o2

Shirt: Gap // Pants: Matter // Shoes: Birkenstock // Necklace: Open House

I'm definitely feeling the lights and brights and the trend towards simplicity this spring! Always with a weird twist though - just for some fun! This bizarre little hand necklace would be perfect for that. I love the small details that make an outfit unique, like a simple necklace or ring, or a small embroidered patch on a shirt that is otherwise super basic.

I am also dying for a pair of white birks, I think I might splurge on a pair when I get back home to Canada. Less than 3 weeks to go!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Unlikely Likeness .01

It is so fascinating to find two things that are unexpectedly alike. Lately I've been putting pictures of things side by side to compare them and thought I'd start sharing them here. This beautiful church in Copenhagen made me think of Hershey's cookies n' cream bars; one of my favourite textures (and one of my favourite chocolates too, if we're being real here). The day that I stumbled upon this chocochurch I promptly picked up a Hershey's bar on the way home!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Paris: Vaux le Vicomte

Last weekend I went on a little trip to visit a relative just an hour outside of Paris. I got the chance to visit 'Le Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte". Ever heard of it? I hadn't! It is a bit of a shame that it isn't more widely known because it is the castle that inspired the really famous Versailles! One dude saw the gardens of Vaux le Vicomte and said "Hey, if he can have a big garden and castle, so can I! And I wanna make it even more grandiose and extravagant!" Quite the accurate piece of history right there.
(Not really) 
(Don't base your facts off this) 
(Not an exact quote)

Anyway, it made for a slightly less-busy, less overwhelming experience than Versailles (though Versailles is still well worth the visit of course!). I also wore my new super yellow/orange sweater which surprisingly matched a lot of the colours in the castle, despite being one of the more out-there colours I have in my wardrobe here! To be fair though there were so many paintings, tapestries, murals, etc. in so many different colours, that I was bound to match something regardless of the colours I wore!

Walking through the gardens here was also a really nice experience - just calmly going from level to level, pond to pond. The garden was designed to create an illusion of greater space when viewed from the castle, so the further you walk the more you discover! Pretty neat!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Humpday Digs 09.05.14

• A few months ago I commissioned my buddy Joel to do something "burrito related" for me. He does some rad illustrations so I knew that even with a vague request I would getting something rawkin'. I totally forgot to share it when he first did it, so here it is now! Pretty accurate to my personal belief system I must say... haha! Check out more of his work here.

• In this interview, Young the Giant frontman Sameer Gadhia explains the thought process/story behind each song on their newest album. I'm a big fan of this band and their new album and loved reading about each song and what it means to the band. Super cool to get that insight!

• Apparently Michael Cera has a whole bunch of look-alikes... most of whom are women and children. Check out the hilarious comparisons here!

• After watching Emma Stone's lipsync battle on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week, I was already pretty sure that the show was probably the funniest thing I'd never started watching properly. But now, after this skit with Zac Efron and Seth Rogen, I am absolutely convinced. Check these out if you're in need of a good laugh (also, Zac Efron makes a really cute girl. It's a must see).

I'm having a really busy week with school (with some cool projects I'm eager to show off upon completion!) and my friend who's staying with me for the week! It's nice having a roomate for a week, she cooked for me when I had class until late, and bought flowers, and helps with dishes....  *insert terrible housewife jokes here* Ha! It's been lovely.

I'll be posting more when I have more time, got a couple fun things to share!