Sunday, May 25, 2014

Paris // 16 Days

Holy goats! I have a mere 16 days left of my Paris adventure. These past few weeks have been some of the very best, as I'm sure the next two will be as well! The weather's been nicer (sort of), we're a much closer group of friends now, and we're all making the most of our time left here despite being totally swamped with school work!

(Quote by J.K. Rowling,Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

To be fair - I'm not dreading going home at all, it's going to be so so nice to see everyone again just in time for summer and I am really looking forward to reuniting with my 'people'. It will be bittersweet though. I've become mega fond of our group of friends here and really close with quite a few. It will be tough to say goodbye, but realistically, with my good ol' bud the internet it won't be impossible to keep in touch. Plus we always talk about visits with one another if we ever find ourselves in someone's country! Collectively we come from Australia, Canada, Hungary, Italy, Scotland, Spain, and Switzerland. We're quite the international group! It's such a once in a lifetime chance to meet such a variety of incredibly fun, wonderful people!

A lot of the above photos are from an evening we had at the Seine, where we donned some crazy animal masks for one friend's photography project. It set a really great goofy tone for the rest of the evening, and we definitely caught the attention of other Seine-side drinkers. Whenever boats went by we put the masks on and waved to them, ha! It was a seriously memorable night, one for the books!

All this to say, I will be a bit absent from this blog while I focus on enjoying my last weeks here. The good part of that is that it means I'll have plenty of stories to share once I'm all done ;)

ps. Yes, the bottom left photo is indeed a selfie with people taking a wee in the background. Shh.


  1. Slight distraction from the topic at hand: I really like your dress (?) in the middle right pic!

    I can't believe you're almost done in Paris, that went SO fast! Good to know you're making the most of your last few weeks, I hope you have the best time, and safe travels back home.

    1. Thanks Shell! It's a new favourite of mine.
      I know right? It's been a wild "time-rollercoaster" of sorts! Thank youu :)

  2. I hope time slows down a little bit and you get to enjoy and experience a whole lot more things in the next 10 days or so! I'm glad you're looking forward to going home, though, it's a perfect timing with the summer weather and all. Here's to many more adventures ahead!