Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pattern: Popcorn

(c) Katia Engell

Now, just because my school work hasn't been explicitly 'illustration' doesn't mean I haven't been squishing it in wherever I can! These fun little popcorn kernels were drawn for an animation project (which I will also share once it's done by next week!). The more I looked at them the more I wanted to turn them into a pattern. Clearly my obsession with patterns isn't going anywhere anytime soon...

Drawing popcorn at a large scale was such a weird, abstract experience! It was so much fun to analyze the way popcorn is shaped and made up as I drew the kernels!

This pattern is up in my Society 6 shop HERE, available on a variety of things (I think the pillows and phone cases look really cool!!)

Ahhhh guysss! All of my finals are due next week - then I'm all done school, then I go home! I can't believe I'll be home so soon!



  1. OK, I have to share this with Ben! Such a cool illustration! Looking forward to seeing your animation project, too!

  2. Whoa, love this pattern! You're very talented, Katia!

  3. This is awesome! And so is your stuff on Society6!