Friday, August 22, 2014

See, Read, Listen #1

See: I recently discovered Scott Moore's illustrations while perusing the image library of postcards and other various inspirations where I volunteer! The image on the postcard I found, which is my favourite, doesn't seem to exist online (probably due to selling it to the card company) which is too bad, but the rest of his work is just as surreal and beautifully painted!

Read: Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky wrote this great post about bras with underwire vs. bralette types for small chested ladies. I have always admired Elizabeth's candor and beautiful writing style. I love that she tackles these sorts of topics with such grace, and with some great photography to boot!

Listen: (and watch!) Chet Faker is a current favourite, this video for his song 'Gold' is stellar.

Wooee, is it already Friday? My cousin Alice is getting married tomorrow, and I'm a bride's maid! Holy exciting! Meanwhile I also have to write up my illustration thesis proposals for the start of school, fun stuff guys (but actually, also very exciting!).

What are you guys up to this weekend?

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