Sunday, September 28, 2014

Handmade Happiness

My friend Kathryn of Marrow Textiles (stock to be updated soon, I've been told!) was part of a pop-up shop full of handmade goodies this weekend, so I paid her a visit and also treated myself to some gorgeous pieces by other artists who were selling there! I'll post the other purchases at a later date, since they are meant as gifts for my mum's birthday (no spoilers!!!), but this funky ceramic necklace is from a company called 'Passerine'. They don't seem to have a website which is too bad, I'm totally in love with this necklace! Plus, it happened to go perfectly with my outfit today. Bonus!

I've been slowly gravitating towards a focus on purchasing only handmade/from small businesses, or thrifted things. It's always been something I loved, but I now find myself passing big-chain stores and not even wanting to go in. Not because I don't like the stuff. But because I hate the idea of something as unsustainable as disposable fashion and big corporate crap. So these little goodies made me very happy today. Also, my shirt was thrifted - booyea!

What is your favourite handmade/vintage shop lately???

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