Sunday, September 28, 2014

Painting: Beach Scene

It's about time I share some actual art work on here again! This big babe's been a slow process, mainly because of school and other such time consuming priorities. But, it is finally done and headed to the frame-shop sometime soon! Thought I'd include a fun process reel with this post since I was very diligent at documenting each stage, for whatever reasons.

It was really fun painting at such a large scale (4ft x 5ft), though admittedly I still have to get used to it in terms of actually applying the paint to large areas and whatnot. It's so freeing though, not to be tied up in itty bitty details like I normally emphasize in my illustrative work!

All a fun learning process, and so exciting to see the finished work from afar after working so closely to it in my little basement studio space!



  1. It looks great, I really like it :)
    It looks like it was fun to do something so different to your illustrations in terms of details and size. Are you going to do more paintings like this?


  2. Really cool, congratulations!! Are you going to make more large paintings? Ben couldn't stop after his first giant wood piece :-) Now we have a tiny apartment, so he has to scale down, unfortunately.