Monday, October 6, 2014

Painting: Fishbowl

(C) Katia Engell 2014
Acrylic on masonite, 42" x 24"
I recently finished this painting for a class assignment! It was one of the first where we were given plenty of choice with concept and abstraction (gotta love 4th year freedoms!) and I landed on this. It's a role reversal wherein my 'sirens' have become the seduced by likening them to fishies hoping for food. This was a super fun piece, I eeeeeven enjoyed trying to get the hands and the shirt folds just right!

As the weather gets cooler and the sun makes fewer appearances, I find myself retreating more and more to my studio space, turning on some music, and painting away. Here's to hoping I can take this current love of painting and translate it into some productivity for my thesis series, which should get into the actual creating-images-stage after this week! Woo!

By the way, I've finally created a Facebook page for my art! Check it out here! And maybe even click 'Like' while you're at it?!!



  1. Beautiful painting, Katia! I love the concept, and you executed it perfectly. Nothing wrong with hanging out in your studio! Liking your FB page now :)

  2. Liked your page! :-) Great piece, Katia! You should also do a studio tour for us, I'm intrigued to see where/how you create!

    1. Thank you Katie! My studio right now is just my basement furnace/storage room... it's really nothing fancy, yet! Hehe.