Friday, October 24, 2014

What is this space?

What do I want it to be ?

Do I want to share my art, only my art?
Do I want to share photos of my clothes, my 'lifestyle'?
Do I want to share others' work, and promote the creative, online community?
Do I want to let go, open up, and talk about issues close to my heart?

I have reasons to want to share all of the above, and reasons to share none. I'm not sure what I want this space to be anymore.

I've shared outfits in the past, thrifted finds, DIY's, recipes, wishlists, etc. etc. and I used to love that. This blog used to be called 'Kitty Snooks' and it was a space for me to place my energies after a rough patch, and that ended up being a fashion blog.

I now share my art, but somehow that feels empty and impersonal in this space. I like connecting with the online community and fostering it, but I don't know in what way shape or form I feel comfortable doing that anymore. Lately I have found myself reading blogs more than I have been writing them. I like to keep up with the friends I've made online!

How do you decide what you do or do not want to share? Have you found your focus shift dramatically like I have?


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