Thursday, November 20, 2014

20 before 21 RECAP

As is popular amongst us bloggers, every year I make up a list of goals on my birthday. The way I do it, it's a fun little activity and I enjoy trying to come up with list items all day, sometimes with the help of others I spend the day with!

This is a quick little recap of my "20 before 21" list, I didn't do so badly this year!

1. Travel: Well, duh. I moved to Paris, and from there traveled to Denmark, Belgium, and other parts of France!

2. Stay in shape: This goal is a bit ambiguous...

3. Read at least 6 books: I read: On The Road (Kerouac), Dharma Bums (Kerouac again),  The Buddha in the Attic (Julie Otsuka), Geek Love (Katherine Dunn), All My Friends are Superheroes (Andrew Kaufman), Journey to the East (Herman Hesse). I'm probably forgetting one somewhere in here, but otherwise I managed my goal exactly haha!

4. Go Camping
5. New blogging project: In the works!

6. Do something I've never done before: Lived on my own in another country, traveled on my own, went to bars in Paris, Met family I'd never met before in Denmark & Belgium, became a wedding photography intern (what), went to a comedy bar, lotsa things :D

7. Go to a concert of a band I absolutely love: City & Colour (in Paris!), The Growlers, Of Monsters & Men

8. Write more letters: I wrote postcards all the time from Paris

9. Move forward with Solé
10. Learn to make platformers

11. Cook for my family more: Yes, since I've been home anyway

12. Develop a badass thesis: In progress!

13. Spend some time at the beach next summer: Done!

14. Buy Grapefruit by Yoko Ono

15. Find Ramen and Burritos in a foreign country: Burritos in Paris, oh yaaa.

16. Make more connections: I feel I've started on this, which is nice!

17. Keep up w Lifeboat Jamboree

18. Write poetry again: a little here and there.

19. Use my camera more often: Kindaa....

20. Make awesome memories: Oh definitely, it's been an incredible freakin' year.

My twenties are off to an amazing start, I feel super fortunate for the opportunities this year has brought me, it has been a year with plenty of new experiences and growth, and I wouldn't take a single second back for anything. A big shout out to everyone who played a role in my life this year, and years before, and years ahead. Particularly the friends I made abroad, and the friends who stuck around while I was away. I love you all. </cheese>

I'll be back sometime in the next few days (when I'm done celebrating!) to share whatever list I come up with tomorrow!


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  1. Happy birthday Katia!! I hope you're having so much fun, and sounds like you've had an awesome year! Wishing you lots of love xo