Friday, November 28, 2014

Fun Black Friday Society 6 Sale!

There are some cool sales in my Society 6 shop for Black Friday today (including FREE worldwide shopping!). Check out my shop for some goodies and maybe consider some fun gifts for your loved ones for the upcoming holidays? 

A fun little anecdote for you guys: My friend in Scotland, Meg, bought herself the Imaginary Friend Tote from my shop. She messaged me a few days ago to tell me she was asked about it by a girl who worked at Topshop over  in Scotland and gave her my shop info - I promptly sold another tote bag, just like that! I should hire Meg as my official overseas sales woman ;) How exciting is that!

And again, happy thanksgiving to my American friends as well, enjoy your food and families and friends!



  1. thanks for your comment girl! I should have a look into the whole Gwen Stefani/Harajuku thing, I'm thinking of doing a part 2 to that post soon as I realise I left out a few things I could rant about!
    Your blog is so gorgeous, I'm so glad I found it!! Tegan xo

  2. I am in love with your illustrations, dear!