Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Happy Hippyween! We threw these costumes together really last minute for a little get together at my cousin's. The best part is we used only things we already owned and a few fun accessories from our figurative tickle trunks from costumes past. Not pictured are our tie-dye socks and the groOoOovy temporary tattoos we went a little wild with. I think there's still a peace sign behind my ear and a butterfly tramp stamp I haven't been able to scrub off yet...

We spent the evening at my cousin's with some great goofy folks (my cousin's husband was dressed as a hobo wizard, his friend in a woman's crayola crayon costume... it was wild) then went home and watched Young Frankenstein (the one with Gene Wilder). It was a bucket o' fun!

I love love love Halloween, and one of my favourite parts is seeing everyone's costumes in pictures the next day (One of the single big events that overtakes social media that I seeeriously enjoy!)
So please feel free to share links to your costumes in the comments here, it's really one of my favourite things to see!


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