Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Somethings .o1

- 7 years later and I still fangirl over this little pup every day

- I keep daydreaming about my future, about what life will be like post graduation, how quickly that comes, how intimidating but exciting it is. Future blogs, future projects, future art.

- My existentialism readings for class are helping me approach my interactions with people and events more wisely and for that I will be forever in debt to Jean-Paul Sartre.

- The onset of winter weather gives me the itch to 'make'. More so than usual, that is. Something about being indoors and Christmas coming up and all that jazz!

- My birthday is at the end of this month! I'm excited to celebrate this year, hopefully go to a good show by a local band at one of my favourite Toronto bars. The good stuff!

What's on your mind this weekend?


  1. hello! what's on my mind? birthday, in a week! time passes by ridiculously fast after graduation, fyi, it's exciting, and one day you woke up to hear the news of your best friend getting married (haha happened to me today). crazy! loving your blog Katia, I was just finishing up on your Paris adventures x

    1. Ouuh, crazy indeed! I'm not QUITE at that point yet with my friends, won't be too long though I'm sure haha! Thanks for taking a looksie :)