Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter Winter

I woke up this morning to a Toronto blanketed in winter whites, and I had that little pinch in my heart that comes with the romance of a fresh, bright covering of snow. A lady at work this morning mentioned she always knows it has snowed when she can look out her window at 4AM and the sky is glowing, and it's so true! The moonlight that bounces off the white of untouched snow can be really bright and ethereal.

My friend Sabrina and I went on a little adventure downtown and snapped these shots with her instax. Look at her with that funny grumpy fruit mural! I love the lo-fi quality of instax photos.

Did you hear there's a shortage of the mini film though? I can't find them in any of my usual stores! I mentioned to the lady that works at my I might have to turn to online if I get really desperate...

It's my birthday this Friday! I'm looking forward to hopefully getting enough schoolwork done during the week that I can enjoy the weekend of festivities. I'll be back later this week with a recap of my 20 before 21 list, as well as a list of my goals for my 22nd year.


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  1. You look great and so cozy for winter! I'm still looking forward to the first snow, it's always so special to wake up and see everything changed overnight. I hope it snows overnight :-)
    I also had to order mini film online a few days ago - couldn't find it anywhere offline around here. Hmmm