Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gift Ideas: 3 Quick and Easy DIYs

If you're anything like myself and the majority of us really, you may find yourself less than a week away from Christmas (!!) with a small budget and a need to whip up some usable, beautiful gifts for the special folks in your life. My problem with some DIY's I've done in the past, is that sometimes they aren't really functional or the taste of people I am giving gifts to. So! I've rounded up some fun gift ideas that are relatively easy and wouldn't take too long that your friends and family can actually use and appreciate. You may even have most of the required materials already!

1. Soy Candles (DIY & Photo by The Baker Chick) this is what my mum and I are doing this year! We make ours a bit differently, but this is a solid idea, and it's eco friendly! Try to buy un-treated cotton wicks  and natural essential oils for maximum environmental friendliness! We actually go to the local thrift shop to pick up little cups and containers to make ours extra special, and it's so fun to choose and mix fragrances!

2. Felt Woodland Creature Felt Masks (DIY & Photo by A Beautiful Mess) this is such a cute idea for any kids (or kids at heart!) that you know! I would have loved a handmade animal mask when I was a wee one!

3. Clay Bead Necklaces (DIY & Photo by Design Love Fest) simple statement necklaces never seem to go out of style - I could also see this working with wooden beads that you can buy at any craft shop! I would personally have a lot of fun painting fun patterns on the beads!

**** Bonus! Here's a small list of free holiday printables by some of my favourite bloggers!
Christmas Card Templates by Cocorrina
Beautiful Gift Tags by Oana Befort
Cute & Funny Printable Cards by A Pear & A Spare

Happy making!

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