Sunday, December 14, 2014

Seventh of Eight Semesters

I write this post from a position of absolute relief having just finished my semester at school. It's the seventh out of eight semesters in my university experience, which means I have only one semester left! It's insane how time flies, but I'm really excited to take advantage of the last stretch of being in school and learning from the excellent profs in my program. They have tons to teach so I'm going to soak it all up while I can!

Meanwhile though, I'm on holidays! I've already spent the weekend going to shows with amazing bands playing, enjoying some sleep-ins, crafting away in my little studio to make some Christmas gifts, and just generally relaxing a bit. It's been really nice to take a breather and create in a self-directed way that I really enjoy!

Are you on holidays right now, or soon?
Any fun plans to fill up your little bits of free time?

ps. I saw this graffiti near my school on my way home from my last critique! I thought it was a cute sign reminding me how happy I am to be done ;)

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