Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Somethings .o2

- The above photo is one of the things I'm going to miss from school when I graduate; the incredible view I get at all times of the day! Sun rise, sun set... my classrooms are high above the rest of the buildings around us so the views often distract me from class.

- My fella got me a beautiful coffee percolator and some organic dark coffee for my birthday! I've not used my family's one-machine-does-it-all coffee maker since. I used a percolator in Paris and fell in love with the flavour of the coffee it makes - so rich and delish! I'm kind of obsessed.

- I am just about all done with school for the semester! Wooee! I've just got a painting due Thursday and then it's a wrap. On that note though - one of my profs sent me a message to tell me I did a part of my final essay wrong, and suggested I re-do it and resubmit it so that I don't lose marks. I thought it was so kind of her to reach out like that. I really did have a handful of amazing profs this semester!

- Since I've been done with classes I've been trying my hand at weaving, which I've shared on my instagram! It's so fun! I have a bunch of yarn lying around from when I used to knit like a mad woman, so it's nice to give it a use and to work in such a tactile media for a change!

What's been on your mind this weekend?


  1. so I learn something new today - I've never heard of a percolator, like what?! haha. also, I've tried knitting but I just don't have the talent for it. gah. following you on Instagram! xx

  2. We use a percolator when we go camping, and the coffee tastes so good! This weekend I've been thinking about exams.... Only four, thankfully. Thank goodness for kind professors! I have one professor who is letting me take the exam over winter break since I missed so much class this semester with health-related stuff. Also, I love your weaving projects. Thanks for keeping me inspired!

  3. I've also never heard of percolator! I can't believe it! There are too many ways to go around making coffee haha

  4. My grandmother would always use a percolator for coffee! Definitely delicious. And I would love to try my hand at weaving too. I just need more time, ha! Congrats on finishing up your semester!