Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Illustration: Paris

I am back from nearly a month of travels. It has been interesting to be back, and I am eager to put together images, sentiments, thoughts, and impressions from my adventures into images.

This piece is inspired by four images & some thoughts from my 4 days in Paris. It was so strange to visit it again after having lived there just a year ago! So much has changed but so much is the same.

ps. I officially graduate tomorrow, with a ceremony, high heels and all. Woah!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Illustration Inspiration: Aizpea Lasa Villa

Aizpea Lasa Villa is an illustrator based in Pamplona, Spain. I started following her on instagram a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed having her layered, bizarre work pop up on my feed since then!

I'm a big fan of these particular spot illustrations, which I believe are part of a 30 day drawing challenge (I can't be sure as I don't speak Spanish, ha!). Especially this one of a bowl of guacamole. If this doesn't encompass the feeling of excitement I get at a perfect bowl of fresh guacamole with a side of chips then I don't know what could! 

Check out Villa's website for more fun illustrations!

Who is your latest creative crush?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Something New: Collage Painting

This was an experiment I did in class - painting things then collaging them together for the final piece. I really enjoyed working like this and am excited to play around with it some more!

This was also from my last painting class of my undergrad, and I was very pleased to paint my favourite life model from my years at OCAD, Jeffrey! Some of these elements come from a personal collection of postcards that I repainted elements from, and others are from the in-class set up.

What do you think? Have you ever tried working like this?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Illustration Inspiration: Cara Carmina

A few weeks ago I met Montreal based Norma of Cara Carmina at the One of a Kind Spring Show.

We immediately had two points in common: both of us illustrators, both of us HUGE Frida Kahlo fans! We talked a lot about Frida and the illustration world. Norma has books published with her paper-cut illustrations, and has some upcoming books in the making. She has her illustrations on tights and dresses and makes dolls out of her characters.

After imparting some illustration knowledge and gushing over Frida Kahlo, she gave me one of her Frida Kahlo post cards to keep and I've tucked it into my favourite Frida Kahlo biography book. Norma was so lovely to meet and I'm a HUGE fan of her work - particularly her Frida inspired pieces, but I'm pretty biased on that.

Take a look at her adorable characters and more of her diverse works on the Cara Carmina website and etsy shop!

My Thesis is DONE: Spencer's Adventures

My final-year thesis project that I have been working on for the past 8 months is finished - for now! The word 'thesis' in this context is used to describe a big, self-directed project that is overlooked by a single adviser and that I  Here's a snapshot of all my pieces up together for my final critique! Remember when I shared the first piece I did for the series? The series has come a long way since then, and the final series is titled Spencer's Adventures!

"Spencer’s Adventures follows our alien friend Spencer as he humorously misinterprets bizarre human behaviours that we might otherwise take for granted."

For a better look at some of the pieces, check out the Spencer's Adventures webcomic site!
And if you're in the Toronto area - come by the OCADU GradEx show at the end of April/Early May to see the entire series alongside the work of my talented illustrator peers!

Cheers to the end of my undergrad!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Update: Portfolio Website

Happy Weekend everyone!

Just popping in to share that I have updated (*cough* created...) my portfolio website, complete with illustrative works and paintings! Check out my portfolio here!
We've been working on portfolio websites for a class, but I've taken that particular project and turned it into a website specific for my thesis project (you know, Spencer's Adventures?) Still, I took some of my learnings and whipped this site up to share with everyone.

What do you think?

Katia Engell's Portfolio


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spencer's Adventures: 8th piece out of 10!

Don't make faces at babies on buses, Spencer learned this the hard way.

Spencer is my alien character who is trying to fit in amongst humans, attempting and failing to interpret our daily behaviour and habits. 

Want to see a previous Spencer's Adventures painting? Check out this one where he tires to take care of his pets!
Also check out my Facebook Page for more art!

This is 8/10 for my thesis series! Ah! Nearing the end of the school year and my university career, it's exciting and scary all at once. I feel like I'm on an upwards spiral though, in terms of how the pieces are coming out. I will definitely share some more of them as time goes on!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Free Printable: Collaged Valentine's Day Cards!

Remember when I shared 6 Collaged Christmas Card free printables? I had so much fun making those cards that I did it again for this holiday. I've decided to share my collaged Valentine's day cards with you guys too! I got really goofy with these. I find that, though I really like Valentine's day I have trouble taking it seriously. I hope you'll use them for someone goofy in your life! Enjoy!

Download the 2 Valentine's Day Free Printables Here:


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Painting: Wall Things

Wall Things
Acrylic, 15" x 18"

My first painting of 2015! This was a school asisgnment that I got really on board with - we had to choose an otherwise uninteresting subject in the studio we have our class in, and find a way to make it interesting. Using repetition, careful attention to the various ways one single white wall really looked, and a focus on texture / little details, I put together this collection of painted wall things.

Do you follow my art page on Facebook? Check it out HERE!


Monday, January 5, 2015

House of Ell : New Blog!

In my last post I mentioned at the very end that I have started a new blog. It's called House of Ell. I'm going to be documenting my 'Year of Thrift: 2015 Challenge" and my general endeavours in sustainable living, as well as some of my non-illustration focused art! I'm really excited about it and would love to see some of my usual readers check out what I'm up to over there, if you're interested!

You can read my Year of Thrift manifesto HERE, and check out my most recent post with 5 tricks to cleaning out your closet HERE!!

I'll still post here, which I think I already said, but I will focus this blog on my illustration work! I also want to say a really big thank you to everyone who has followed my blog in all its shapes and forms over the years. It's fun to evolve, and I hope you'll have fun along the way as well!


Friday, January 2, 2015

Another New Years Post + New Project!

Because you didn't have enough on your blog feed already, right?

This list is for myself mostly, I want to sit and document what was so good about 2014, and what I look forward to in 2015, and share my main 2015 goal with you guys!

In 2014 I...

- Moved to France and spent half the year there, adventuring, discovering, learning about myself, developing my own independence, meeting new friends, and making memories I will always cherish!

- Began working at a centre for people with Alzheimers and Dementia, teaching art classes. I was AM so, so so sooo lucky to have this opportunity because this is a new direction in life that I want to explore.

- Made some decisions about how I want to live my life that I think will positively impact myself and the world around me.

- Fell in love! With people, with cities, with myself, with life. It's a great feeling!

- Met some really incredible people from all over the world whom I hope I will always find a way to stay in touch with.

- Went to many fun concerts and shows and events and am newly enamoured with my home city! Some of the concert highlights include: The Growlers, Timber Timbre, The Allah Las, City and Colour (that was in Paris though!)

Perfect photo to sum up my year - in front of posters for Sagmeister's The Happy Show in Paris!

In 2015 I...
- Will graduate from university and then throw myself into "real-life". Let the games begin!

- Travel post-graduation, back to Europe I go!

- Budget and keep track of my expenses. Especially if I want to travel, and since I will be joining the workforce in the summer.

This is the extra exciting bit: I'M STARTING A NEW BLOG. It will be where I document my efforts in a challenge I've given myself for the year of 2015 to only thrift my clothes, and generally make my purchases and lifestyle choices thinking about sustainability, nature, and good stuff like that. I will keep blogging here, mostly about my art and design endeavours, but I really hope you follow along with House of Ell, my new corner of the blogosphere that I'm really really really excited about! I even bought a domain name. And am going to work with one of my favourite blogger/designer gals to design a proper logo/branding package by the end of the month. So many firsts in one little blog - it's already off to a good start :)

Happy New Year everyone!