Saturday, March 7, 2015

Update: Portfolio Website

Happy Weekend everyone!

Just popping in to share that I have updated (*cough* created...) my portfolio website, complete with illustrative works and paintings! Check out my portfolio here!
We've been working on portfolio websites for a class, but I've taken that particular project and turned it into a website specific for my thesis project (you know, Spencer's Adventures?) Still, I took some of my learnings and whipped this site up to share with everyone.

What do you think?

Katia Engell's Portfolio



  1. Wow! Great work – I see elements of Silverstein in your imaginary aquatic creature drawings. Working in so many different styles and mediums is definitely a testament to your talent. My favourites though were definitely the collages: you melded together different cut outs very well, and made me think why you choose certain images over others.

    Steven @ Cambridge Local Marketing

    1. Hi Steven! Thank you so much - that is a great compliment!